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Rudra: A Tale of Time is an action RPG inspired by Hindu epics. Unlock your chakras, use mantras, and battle Rakshasas to bring balance to the universe.

It is a game project being developed by students in the Entertainment Arts and Engineering masters program at the University of Utah over the course of 2 semesters. 

Current Phase - Alpha

Est. Release Date - May 2023

We would love to hear your feedback on the game and improve it - https://forms.gle/ptWSD9fZsNMzKVMJ9

Play as Rudra! 

Determined to protect humanity, you travel through the different Yugas(ages) of the world to find the source of malignant corruption. Use dynamic combos, enhanced weapon states, and mantras(abilities) to defeat the Rakshasa permeating throughout the Yugas. Be prepared to save those in need and to restore balance to the universe.

Design Pillars



Satisfying Tactile Feel

Members - 


Brittany Walker - Level Design

Chinmay Shah - Combat Design

McKane Searle - Narrative Design

Ryan Whittle - Animation & Design


Faraz Ghorbanpour - Weapon Art

Shrey Thakkar - Character & Tech Art

Simran Vaidya - Tech Art

Avery Byers - Environment & Tech Art


Debdip Banerjee - AI Engineer

Pranav Bhatt - Gameplay Engineer

Tejas Kawalkar - Gameplay Engineer


Aidan Sugrue - Producer

Biraj Varsani - Producer & Audio Designer

Tejas Ved - Producer


You can access the controls page in the main menu of the game. Controller recommended.

How to install 

*Only available on Windows*

Click on the google drive link. Download the zip file. Unzip the file and navigate to the Rudra_Alpha_Build in the file. Launch the AncientEpic application to play.


Rudra Alpha Build
Rudra_Level_Music.wav 23 MB